If a work-related injury occurs physiotherapy can support you to aid recovery and return to work sooner. Westside Physiotherapy is an approved Return to Work SA provider and can assist you to achieve the best possible recovery and return to work outcome.

All Return to Work SA claims require a GP referral or copy of a current Return to Work SA Medical Certificate with provider listed. A claim number and details relating to insurer must be provided prior to your initial appointment.

During the initial consult an assessment of your injury will occur and discussion about treatment – what kind, frequency and duration. We keep GP’s, Case Manager’s and Rehabilitation Consultants informed along the way of progress and any other relevant details.

More information about the Return to Work scheme can be accessed on Return to Work SA website or phone 13 1855.

Please Keep in Mind...

Accounts with your insurer will be arranged and we will invoice them directly. However, if a claim is rejected or unpaid within 60 days you will be responsible for the outstanding amount. A receipt can be printed for you to claim back from the insurer / employer in the unlikely situation of this occurring.

Please also be aware missed appointment fees will not be covered by the insurer and will need to be paid by you.

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