November Featured Product – Archies Thongs

β˜€οΈ Essential summer footwear in Australia… thongs β˜€οΈ

Now is the time to replace those worn double pluggers you got all those Christmas’s ago. Or maybe you just need a new pair to add to the collection? πŸ€”

You should check out Archies Support thongs – not only are they stylish and available in a range of delightful colours but they are actually really good for your feet!!

πŸ‘£ Real Arch Support

πŸ‘£ Lightweight foam that moulds to your foot

πŸ‘£ Tight strap so no toe clawing to keep them on

πŸ‘£ Designed by a Physio in Melbourne and recommended by Podiatrists

Great for people with plantar fascitis and suitable to compliment footwear for orthotic wearers or those with foot problems. In fact anyone can wear and enjoy the comfort of these fabulous thongs.

‘Walk in’ to the clinic or ‘jump’ onto the online shop to ‘give your feet a real treat’ 😜 – we are sure you’ll end up with more than one pair after trying them for yourself!

This month only buy a pair of Archies thongs and go in the draw to win a pair free.

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